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Are you eager to make a splash with a fishing game that offers unparalleled excitement and rewards? Look no further than Mega Online Fishing Game, where your dreams of striking it big can become a reality. Developed by the seasoned gaming virtuosos at JILI, this slot-based fishing extravaganza promises an immersive and thrilling experience, pitting players against each other in a quest for victory. Join us as we dive deep into the captivating world of Mega Fishing Game.

Navigating the Waters of Mega Fishing Game: An Overview

Navigating the Waters of Mega Fishing Game_ An Overview

Countless online casinos host daily Mega Fishing Game competitions that beckon anglers from all walks of life. The grand prize? A substantial cash bounty awaiting the angler who reels in the winning fish. The challenge is divided into two distinct phases: the first involves targeting smaller fish, while the second sets its sights on the giants of the deep.

Unveiling the Three Stages of Mega Fishing Game

Unveiling the Three Stages of Mega Fishing Game

Within the Mega Fishing Game Playing Room, an online gaming sanctuary, players can select from three distinct chambers, each offering its unique rules and betting parameters:

Newbie Room – 0.1-10 Bet 

Ideal for novices looking to acquaint themselves with the game’s basics without risking substantial capital. Here, wagers range from a mere 0.1 to 10 pesos per round.

Honor Room – 1-100 Bet 

Tailored for experienced players seeking to boost their winnings. Bet anywhere from 1 to 100 pesos per round in this exclusive room, which promises lucrative rewards for capturing diverse fish species.

Joy Room – 0.1-50 Bet 

The Joy Room strikes a balance, offering an intermediate challenge for players. With a betting range spanning 0.1 to 50 pesos per round, it’s a crowd favorite, combining manageable risks with the allure of substantial payouts.

Decoding the Symbols of Mega Fishing Game

Decoding the Symbols of Mega Fishing Game

Mega Fishing is a user-friendly fish shooting game that hinges on your precision and strategy. Aim, shoot, and reap rewards based on the size and rarity of your catch. Additionally, certain fish unleash unique attacks, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Special Fish

  • Starfish: Upon demise, it creates a watery vortex that can prove lethal to any fish caught within its grasp.
  • Drill Crab: This crustacean, when defeated, releases a drilling projectile that ricochets across the stage, potentially eliminating unsuspecting fish in its path.
  • Bomb Crab: Its demise results in the detonation of three explosive devices on the stage, offering a chance to claim fish caught in the blast.

Special Weapons

  • Free Thunderbolt: Accumulate energy by shooting fish, then unleash a devastating lightning strike by pressing the button. The discharge inflicts substantial damage, with energy redistribution based on your current wager.
  • Torpedoes: For a higher chance of securing a prized catch, invest six times your bet in torpedoes, a strategic choice that can significantly boost your odds.
  • Railgun: Firing the Railgun comes at a cost of 15 times your bet, but it might trigger a chain reaction, delivering maximum multipliers if the unfortunate victim is a Drill Crab.

The Grand Prize Awaits: Giant Prize Fish

The elusive Giant Prize Fish holds a special place in the game. Each time it meets its end, players stand a chance to win consecutively, with the possibility of securing five back-to-back victories. This extraordinary fish elevates the gaming experience, offering players the opportunity to net colossal rewards.

Confronting the Immortal Boss

The Immortal Boss, a formidable adversary encountered in various fishing games, poses a daunting challenge. While defeating it is no easy feat, persistent attacks can yield valuable rewards in the form of experience points, items, or monetary gains.

Awakening the Bosses

Upon slaying the Giant Crocodile, it releases an Awakening effect, targeting other fish on the stage. As it claims more victims, the prizes only grow in magnitude, offering ambitious players a chance to amass substantial rewards.

The Mega Octopus Wheel: A Game-Changer

  • Spinning the Wheel: When the octopus succumbs to your attacks, you gain control of the wheel.
  • Multiplier Magic: As the wheel halts, you instantly receive the displayed multiplier.
  • Golden Opportunity: Keep an eye out for the GOLDEN WHEEL; spinning it can earn you a multiplier of up to a staggering 950X!

Reel in Your Fortunes with Mega Online Fishing Game Payouts

Mega Online Fishing Game holds the key to unparalleled payouts, a treasure chest available to all online players seeking thrills and rewards.

Normal Fish 

Payouts are determined by the number and size of fish caught, with a transparent system that ranges from x2 to x30. Players can monitor their earnings in real-time, ensuring fair play.

Special Fish 

The payout for each species of fish varies. The coveted Starfish, Bomb Crab, and Drill Crab, for example, offer payouts of 60x, 70x, and 20-80x, respectively, providing enticing incentives for skilled anglers.

The Golden Goldfish 

Different types of fish, such as the Golden Goldfish and Golden Clownfish, yield payouts ranging from 40x to 55x, adding diversity to the rewards system.

Claiming Giant Prizes 

Catch a Huge Clownfish, Angelfish, or Pufferfish, and you could win up to 175x your original bet. Smaller fish offer payouts between 20-25x and 100-125x, while their larger counterparts range from 25-30x to a whopping 150-175x.

Rewards from Immortal Bosses 

Defeating the formidable Immortal Bosses means reaping the rewards. Depending on the boss you conquer, you can earn bonus rewards ranging from 60x to 560x. These payouts can be used to enhance your in-game experience or exchanged for real currency.

Embrace the Immortal Beasts 

Among the game’s unique features are the Immortal Beasts, which offer bonus rewards for rapid, consecutive catches. These rewards can range from 100-950x, adding a thrilling dimension to your gameplay.

Awakened Bosses for Big Wins 

Engage with the Awakened Bosses to stand a chance of winning up to 600x your original bet. With the potential to secure 150x, your bet depends on the number of Giant Crocodiles you conquer.


Mega Fishing is your gateway to a world of colossal rewards and unparalleled entertainment. It’s an easy-to-grasp game that guarantees excitement and fun. With a diverse array of fish to catch, each offering varying point values, you’ll always find something new to explore. Whether you’re looking to unwind or seeking thrills, Mega Fishing at FB777 is your ticket to both.

Don’t miss out on the chance to become the ultimate angler and reel in your fortune today!

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