TP Chill Fishing at Fb777: Mastering the Game for Maximum Rewards

TP Chill Fishing

Embark on a vibrant and thrilling fish shooting journey with TP Chill Fishing, exclusively available at Fb777. This immersive game plunges players into an enchanting underwater world filled with colorful fish and countless treasures. Our in-depth guide explores the game’s design, odds, special features, and the strategic gameplay elements that make TP Chill Fishing an exhilarating challenge for players at all skill levels.

Medium Fish Opportunities:

  • Butterfly Fish: A solid catch with a x10 multiplier.
  • Jellyfish: Offers a slightly higher multiplier of x12.
  • Sea Horse: Attractive for its x15 multiplier.
  • Puffer and Hammerhead Shark: High-value targets with multipliers of x20 and x25, respectively.

Large Fish Rewards:

  • Golden Marine Species: Includes Golden Octopus, Stingray, Penguin, Puffer, and Carp with multipliers ranging from x28 to x70, presenting significant scoring opportunities.

Exploring Special Fish Multipliers and Features

Exploring Special Fish Multipliers and Features
  • Goldfish: Multiplier of x58-168. Activates a bonus wheel for potential massive winnings.
  • Treasure Turtle: Offers a multiplier range of x50-x70 and can drop a Coin Pouch for additional bonuses.
  • Bomb Crab and Round Bird: These special creatures cause extensive damage or move through water, catching multiple fish, enhancing gameplay excitement and reward potential.

Bosses and Immortal Boss Fish: Unmatched Challenges and Rewards

Bosses and Immortal Boss Fish_ Unmatched Challenges and Rewards
  • Crystal Hermit Crab and Golden Horn King Crab: Both can drop Coin Pouches with multipliers reaching up to x250.
  • Chill Shark King and Golden Dragon King: Offer continuous bonus opportunities and trigger a Bonus Wheel, multiplying your rewards substantially when defeated.

Gameplay Dynamics: Levels and Unique Mechanics

Gameplay Dynamics_ Levels and Unique Mechanics
  • Gaining Experience: Shoot to earn experience points. Unlock advanced turret and bullet designs at level 5.
  • Unique Weapons: “Poseidon Fork” and “Watermelon” attacks, which multiply damage or cause explosions, drastically altering the strategic approach to hitting targets.

Engage and Excel: Why TP Chill Fishing  Is More Than Just a Game

TP Chill Fishing challenges your strategic thinking and precision in a rich, dynamic environment. It’s not merely about casual play; it’s about mastering a system to maximize your rewards, enhancing both your skills and gaming experience.


The highest multipliers come from the Golden Dragon King, reaching up to x380.

Your level persists across game rooms and lobbies but resets to zero if you exit the game or reload the browser.

The Bonus Wheel triggered by the Golden Dragon King provides the highest potential rewards, with multipliers up to x380.

Yes, selecting heavier weapons like the Pose and Watermelon can dramatically increase your damage output and chances of catching elusive high-multiplier fish.


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