Explore the Prehistoric World of Dinosaur Tycoon at Fb777

JILI Dinosaur Tycoon

Enter the thrilling world of Dinosaur Tycoon at Fb777, where ancient creatures roam the deep seas and the stakes are monumental. Developed by JILI Gaming, this unique game combines the excitement of a fish shooting game with the allure of prehistoric adventure, providing players with an immersive experience as they hunt for legendary dinosaurs and mythical beasts. With an array of powerful weapons at your disposal, precision, and strategy are your best tools for survival and success.

Game Details: Unveiling Dinosaur Tycoon

Game Details_ Unveiling Dinosaur Tycoon

Key Game Features

  • Software: JILI Gaming
  • Slot Type: Video Slots
  • Paylines: 243
  • Reels: 5
  • Min Coin Size: 0.2
  • Max Coin Size: 100
  • Return to Player (RTP): 96.15%

Embark on Your Hunting Adventure

As you dive into the depths of ancient oceans, you’ll find yourself equipped with the latest technology to track and hunt down the mightiest dinosaurs. The game features a diverse arsenal of weapons and strategic elements that will test your hunting skills to the maximum.

Mastering Dinosaur Tycoon: A Strategic Guide

Mastering Dinosaur Tycoon_ A Strategic Guide

Learning the Gameplay Mechanics

Upon entering Dinosaur Tycoon, players will be greeted by an automated shooting system. This feature allows you to focus on aiming and capturing the incredible creatures that glide across your screen without worrying about manually firing.

Selecting Your Weapon

Choose from a variety of weapons like the Shotgun Attack, Huge Bone, or Dragon Fire. Each weapon comes with unique capabilities and is suited for different types of targets, impacting your success rate and gaming strategy.

Managing Your Bets

Before setting out on your hunt, tailor your bets to match your gameplay style and risk tolerance. Remember, higher bets might lead to greater rewards, making efficient bet management a crucial aspect of the game.

Exclusive Features of Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing

Exclusive Features of Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing

Dinosaur Tycoon isn’t just about shooting; it’s about strategic gaming and leveraging unique game features to maximize your winnings:

  • Golden Mammoth Jackpots: Depending on your bet, win anywhere from 100 to 80,000 times your stake.
  • Effects Dragon & Bomb Frog: Create explosive combinations to capture nearby dragons.
  • Oviraptor & Pterosaur: Random weapon drops and massive explosions increase your capture rate.
  • Special Medium Dragon: Increase base multipliers for a chance at the Super Prize.
  • Mammoth Multipliers: Aim precisely to multiply your wins by up to 300X.
  • Flying Dragon Wheel: Engage with the wheel to multiply your rewards by up to 500X.
  • Golden T-Rex: Fill the energy bar for a chance to win a 1500X multiplier.
  • Special Weapon – Heavy Axe: Use on larger dragons for massive damage.
  • Special Skill – Lightning Strike: Target multiple dragons with chain lightning for tactical advantage.

Winning Strategies for Dinosaur Tycoon Fishing

Increase your odds of success with these strategic tips:

  1. Understand Game Dynamics: Mastering weapon selection and target control is crucial.
  2. Strategic Betting: Place higher bets for high-reward creatures to maximize potential bonuses.
  3. Utilize Special Features: Engage with game features like the Flying Dragon Wheel and Meteor Burst for significant advantages.
  4. Practice and Patience: Refine your shooting skills and adapt your strategies for the best outcomes.

Where to Play Dinosaur Tycoon

For the best gaming experience and exciting dinosaur-hunting adventures, Fb777 is the place to be. This top-notch online casino offers a secure, user-friendly environment with impressive bonuses and seamless gameplay.


Yes, Fb777 supports mobile play, allowing you to hunt dinosaurs on-the-go.

The minimum bet is 0.2 coins, making it accessible for players of all budgets.

Start with lower bets to understand the game mechanics and gradually increase your stakes as you become more confident.

Fb777 uses advanced security measures to protect your data and transactions, ensuring a safe gaming environment.


JILI’s Dinosaur Tycoon offers an enthralling blend of adventure, strategy, and the thrill of the hunt. With its rich graphics, engaging gameplay, and the chance to win big, this game is a must-try for anyone interested in combining their love for dinosaurs with slot gaming. Explore the ancient waters, command powerful weapons, and chase monumental rewards.

Ready to embark on this prehistoric adventure? Visit Fb777 today, where excitement and ancient creatures await your arrival. Bet, play, and conquer the world of Dinosaur Tycoon now at Fb777!

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